The combination of a beguiling physique and a broiling voice filled with seductiveness embodies no other but the Lebanese singer Marc Hatem. His voice is an amalgamation of Classical, Rock, Popular and Fusion genres’.

In 2011, the young Hatem took over the Karaoke World Championships stage and came in 1st place. His rendition of “You Raise Me Up” composed by the duo Secret Garden exhibited a star in the making. The Celtic music embraced his velvet voice which soared above the cheers and applause of the audience and exploded by landing him the 1st place winner.

As the years went by, Marc Hatem re-appears to us on the talent show, The Voice France. One of the songs which he perfected was “L’Hymne a L’Amour” for Edith Piaf; this piece of music has a tough side to it emotion-wise. Piaf herself wrote the lyrics to the love of her life, the French boxer Marcel Cerdan who was killed in a plane crash on his way from Paris to New York while traveling to see her.

Along with Hatem’s swift transitions between his head and chest voice which hit every note and emotion to the core; his vocal metamorphosis on the phrase “Si un jour la vie t’arrache à moi” emits a shimmering scintillation that touches every single nerve in our bodies; and while he takes us to the end of the song; he keeps us hanging breathless on his silence after the sentence “Dans le ciel plus de problèmes” then swiftly and gently channels us back to a Godly-like hymn with the words “Dieu réunit ceux qui s’aiment”.

Personally, I cannot wait to hear more from Marc and I am sure that with his voice and his humble character, he will reach the stardom that he hopes for and deserves!


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