The Heart and Soul of SPIRIT

Spirit advertising agency, with the belief that “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression”, is a company that ensures each and every impression your business makes is a positive one. Since its inception in 2004, Spirit has successfully provided an array of services to a long list of clients that include Nestle Waters, Le Royal Hotel, Rotana Hotel, Medgulf, BMW, and Dubai’s Jumeirah Golf Estates, among others.

With offices in Beirut, Lebanon and Dubai, U.A.E, Spirit advertising agency is the go-to company when regional and international clients need a professional company for Events Management, Media Relations, Press Releases, Advertorials, Sponsorships, Sales Promotions, Direct Mailing and Business to Business services in the Middle East.

CEO Hani Haddad gives us a view into the advertising business and the successful growth of Spirit advertising agency.


Your office is in a residential building in the heart of Ashrafieh; why did you choose this location for your first office?

Spirit is unlike any other advertising agency; the reason I have chosen it to be in a residential building is because it is a private and not a commercial company. This location is more personal and adheres to the concept of the personal tailored-services we provide.

Tell us more about Spirit

Spirit was founded in 2004 and a lot of people thought that the idea of opening an advertising agency was crazy given the economic and political situation at the time. What they forgot to consider was that I had 18 years of experience in this field working to my advantage; I know how to deal with and adapt to uncertainty. We persevered and now we are doing quite well; the business is growing and our clients are more than satisfied with our results.

How many offices do you operate today?

Currently we have two; one here in Beirut and another in Dubai and both of them work as private service agencies offering the best tailor-made plans to our customers; that’s our purpose and it fits exactly with the needs of the Middle East area.

Are you affiliated with any European, American or Arab brand(s)?

Unlike other agencies, I am proud to say that we are not affiliated with any brand. We work on our own; we make our own rules and decisions – basically that’s the essence of our customer’s loyalty.

What would you say is your main competitive advantage?

I believe that what has attracted our clients is that we are a local company here in the Middle East and not a satellite office of some company outside of the region. We provide a level of service that many of the larger agencies just cannot provide. When we are hired to do a job, we do the job and do it well; unlike larger agencies in Europe that use complex client management systems that at times seem impersonal, we provide all our customers with the same level of care and each account is important to us. We take pride in our work and our clients business – that’s what gave us the added value and continues to make us what we are today. Furthermore, all staff members, from the creative department to the client-servicing department, are highly-trained professionals in their fields; they have full experience and knowledge in what they are doing.

Tell us more about your office in Dubai

Well, our office is in a free zone area. We opened one year ago and we don’t have sponsors; we are totally independent. The clients both here in Beirut and in Dubai are services in exactly the same way. Furthermore, both offices have no affiliation with any Arab, European or American brands and both offices work for the same company and interact in a marvelous way.

What is your final message to our readers?

All of us at Spirit have been trained to work together, making Spirit a very professional agency. We serve our clients in the best manner; we are transparent and that is why we are growing so fast; and we continue to strive to be the best by offering our clients the best of what we’ve got.

(Interviewed in 2008)









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